Small Wunders is accepting resumes for caring and knowledgeable staff who believe in the same philosophy as we do.

What It Takes to Be a Small Wunders Teacher

Ensure that all of the children that we are privileged to care for, receive the guidance and the nurturing they deserve, in preparation for the years to follow.

All of our carefully screened Registered Early Childhood Educators, have obtained a two year diploma in Early Childhood Education from an accredited college, and are also members in good standing with the College of Early Childhood Educators. Clear Criminal Reference checks are required by all staff. Standard First Aid and CPR certificates are also required by all staff employed at our centres.

All of our carefully screened assistants have either a certificate from an accredited college, or a sufficient amount of experience in the child care industry.

All of our staff believe that structure is key to running a good program. All of our teachers follow our theme based curriculum, but also integrate some of the high scope, and even Montessori curriculum into their teachings. This is a benefit for all of the children, as their potential to learn is even higher.

All of our staff are loving and caring individuals that care about the children in their care throughout the day. They are not only seen as play partners by the children, but also respected for the structure and routine they provide for the children.

Small Wunders has a program where our staff is monitored and evaluated. Our management team, on a monthly basis, enters our classrooms to ensure that the quality of our programs are up to or exceed standards. Our teachers are evaluated based on the quality of their care and planning. We also monitor behavior management to make sure that your child is receiving careful discipline and no child is ever mistreated.

We also provide our staff with courses yearly that provides them with strategies to deal with behavior techniques and management. All of our staff work very hard to provide the best care possible for all of the children enrolled, thus helping to shape the identity of our centres, which has led to our tremendous success in the Child Care industry.

To apply for employment opportunities with Small Wunders, please email us:

Director of Operations